Game on!

ESN Leonardo Kortrijk is organising it's gaming night again! Our goal is to combine all different kind of games; from card and boardgames to video games and projects from DAE students.

Are you interested in internationalisation and Erasmus Student Network? Want to join us? Be sure to contact one of us to know more ;)

What we have in store for you so far!

Albion, a board and card game store in Kortrijk will bring dozens of boardgames for you all to play! They will provide explenations and manuals as well for those of us who are new to some board games ;) 
Magic The Gathering card game will also be provided by Albion, with many demodecks for people who want to get to know the game, you can bring your own deck as well as there will be drafts on demand!
Check Albion out here!

For video games we have so far:
- PS3 with Fifa 15 and two controllers
- PS2 with Guitar Hero or Buzz (4 controllers for Buzz)
- PS1 with various games and two controllers
- Xbox 360 with 3 controllers (game not chosen yet)
- Wii with Just Dance
- Various games and projects developed by Digital Arts and Entertainment students!

Come join us FOR FREE!!

Beer and soft drinks will be sold at €1!

See you there!

30/03/2017 - 18:00 to 23:00
  • Everyone is invited.