Love is in the air!! And here at ESN Leonardo Kortrijk's home bar Stradivarius, we feel the love heart!
Do you feel it too? Great, come show us! Feeling a bit down on love, let us get you back on track with our Valentine's Party! 
Good vibes, Great drinks, awesome people, perfect mix for a great party!

Want to know if that girl/guy you have a crush on is single? We'll help you out wink
We'll be handing out glowsticks matching to your relationship status:
Green = Single
Orange = It's complicated
Red = Taken

Promotions and more information about what drinks we'll be serving will follow soon!

Hope to meet you there!

15/02/2017 - 22:00
Burgemeester Reynaertstraat 9
8500 Kortrijk
  • Everyone is invited.